Visiting London? Check Your Bags from Your Doorstep!

Recently, a Club member was travelling to London, England, and he had the pleasure of making use of a great new luggage service – AirPortr.  As AirPortr says, It’s “Time to Travel Better – We’re changing the way you fly with luggage for good”.


Goodbye to Luggage at the Airport

Back in 2014 AirPortr’s founders came to a realization. As frequent flyers they understood that getting your bags to and from the airport came with a little too much, well, baggage. They were tired of checking in cases. Of organizing their days around luggage. And of arriving at the airport two hours early to queue.

Travel agents had gone online. Boarding passes had moved onto mobile phones. Surely something could be done to make getting your luggage to and from the airport a little easier?

With that in mind, AirPortr was founded with one clear aim – to make travel simpler.

Hello to Home Bag Drop

In 2016 in London AirPortr launched Bag Check-In with British Airways. They moved the bag drop desk online, allowing you to give your luggage to their friendly, professional drivers at your front door.

So now, when you fly BA, you can check in your bags on your doorstep. Then relax in your very own departure lounge, safe in the knowledge your bags will be returned to you when you land.

No time-wasting. No lugging. No lifting. No queuing. No wondering now where on earth can that bag drop be? No stressing. No worries.


What Next?

AirPortr is working with some of the world’s largest airlines and airports to help shape the future of air travel.

One day we’ll take your bags from your doorstep before you fly and return them to you at your doorstep at the other end – wherever in the world that may be.

All you’ll have to do is take it easy….

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