Union Club Tartan!

The Club is pleased to announce that we have an official tartan.
The information held within The Scottish Register of Tartans for
the “Union Club of British Columbia” tartan is as follows:
“Inspired by the British Columbia district tartan, this tartan was
designed by Christopher Mackie for The Union Club of British
Columbia. The grey and blue in this design are the ‘undress’ livery
colours of the club, and the latter colour also signifies the harbour
of the City of Victoria (over which the clubhouse commands a
view). Yellow is for the golden sun and maple leaves in the club’s
Canadian arms, and the coronet in its crest. The coronet also bears
Pacific Dogwood flowers (the official flower of the province) and
is represented by white in the tartan.”
The Club is now taking apparel orders for this beautiful tartan fabric.
Should you be interested in Bow Ties, Ties, Scarfs or yardage of fabric to make your own kilts, or shalls, please contact the front desk to place your order

delivery time: approximately 30 days.

Union Club of British Columbia Official Tartan

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