UC Member Proud to Release His Second Children’s Book

Union Club member Henri van Bentum is proud to announce that, fresh on the heels of his first publication, he has released his second children’s book!

Henri’s charming new children’s fable, featuring two garden gnomes, is titled “Nimbert and Tirwinkle in an Enchanted Flower Garden”.  These stories (including Henri’s first book) were written during his convalescence with cancer.  At the time, Henri crafted these stories not only for children, but for the “youngster” in all of us.


I write these fairy tales not only for the young, but to re-kindle the youngsters in us all.  Fairy tales or fables reflect eternal archetypes of the human family. 

If, somehow one day, all the existing fairy tales in the world were to disappear, soon new fables and tales would appear since their themes are universal.”

For further information on this wonderful creation (including the ability to “Look Inside” the book), or to obtain your own copy, please click here.


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