The Trilogy is Complete!

Union Club member Henri van Bentum is proud to announce that the trilogy is complete – he has released his third children’s book!

Henri’s charming new children’s fable is titled “The Misadventures of Rexie the Damselfish”.  


Not all is calm within the coral reefs. In this third of a series, van Bentum’s whimsical story telling and Heyliger’s fanciful illustrations take a turn towards the dark side, plunging into fishy conspiracies and slimy espionage.

The aquatic misadventures of little Rexie, the damselfish, lead the reader through a quickly shifting kaleidoscope of wondrous shapes, spectacular colors and awesome life forms.

All the while, something fishy is going on, with a lesson to be learned from the sparkling depths of the sea.

For more information, or to order your copy, please click here.  Also, Henri will be pleased to autograph any copies purchased by fellow UC members.

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