COVID-19: Weekly Update 04.30

Dear Union Club Members,

I hope you’re enjoying the weekly emails. They are a great way to stay connected with our Club. And the recipes are something to look forward to while staying at home!

Personally, this week is one of reflection for me. Our family was to visit the Netherlands for the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of that country. May 1945 was a significant point in our history and echoes through to today where I’m thinking of how history informs and inspires our lives, our families and our communities.

We are living through a disquieting and stressful time. Yet it is important to remember that our Club has stood for 140 years. We’ve not only endured but have overcome the challenges of world wars, epidemics and financial downturns. It is our connections and our community that will see us overcome today’s challenges.

Our doors are closed right now but our community continues, seen with the generous members’ donations to the staff grocery gift cards, Members Helping Members program, and the appreciated words of support and encouragement. And, as a shareholder-owned organization, our dues continue to meet both our limited operational expenses and will help with re-opening preparations.

Now is the time for us to add our chapter to the Union Club’s history. Together, we will come out of this crisis together and build for the future. Our Club is more than a historic site, it is a living community. It is where we celebrate with family, build life-long friendships and relationships, and share common interests. We are not alone. We are our Club motto: In Unitate et Fortitudie Amicitia – Friendship in Unity and in Strength.

Take care everyone. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Grace Van den Brink, President



Your Management Team and General Committee continue to listen to Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, for further information as to when the Club might be able to have a ‘soft opening’ with social distance measures in place. Given this, we continue to work on plans on how this would look for both members and staff at the Club. As details unfold, we will be sure to communicate with all members.”

– David Hammonds,General Manager


The Club is pleased to remind members of “Members Helping Members” where, during this difficult time, many of our at-risk members can obtain assistance with acquiring groceries and/or medication. The strength of community unity is more important than ever!

If you are healthy, able and willing to help, please contact Danielle Scott at with your name, service area, phone number and/or email address.

The first list of member volunteers has been formulated, and has been posted to the Member Central area of the Club’s website (MemberCentral/COVID-19 News/Members Helping Members), in order to maintain privacy. Those needing help can contact any of the volunteers directly to organize assistance.

We are a family at the Club, and in these times, we need to look out for one another and help where we can. 


Our neighbours at 10 Acres Bistro (611 Courtney Street) have launched a new pickup and delivery service, where you can pre-order groceries, cook-at-home packages, ready-to-eat meals, family-size kit meals and wine!
For full details, please click the link: 10 ACRES MARKET


Our neighbours at The Courtney Room (619 Courtney Street) are offering Dinner Boxes to go – meals that are ready for you to cook at home, with cooking instructions included.
For full details, please click on the link: THE COURTNEY ROOMDINNER BOXES TO GO

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