COVID-19: Weekly Update 04.23

Good afternoon Union Club Members,

As mentioned in previous emails, we launched a program titled ‘Members Helping Members’, and I wanted to share an email I received from a member this week in response to this new initiative:

“We want to thank the Club for setting up the ‘Members Helping Members’ arrangement.Because of my husband’s venerable age (a youthful 90), I am being extra vigilant. So, I’ve reduced my grocery trips to the bare minimum; if I were to get the virus, then he would too, and that would be very serious.

So, we’ve connected through the Club’s web page, to one of the UC members who volunteered to help out, and this is working out well. ‘s a member we don’t recall having met before all this, but she knew us.

This is all much appreciated, so thanks again to you and the team / Committee who set it up.Meanwhile stay well and best wishes to all.”

Thank you to the members who have reached out to assist other members. As you can see from the comment above, it is a valuable service and very much appreciated.

We continue to keep in touch with our staff weekly. Last week they were very excited to receive Thrifty Smile Cards, which were purchased from member donations which total over $18,000. We will be purchasing another round of Smile Cards around the end of April. Again, thank you all for your commitment and generosity to our staff! This week, staff will get another food hamper, the contents of which will be purchased from the Staff Fund.

I have had a couple emails from members asking about take-out food – both delivery and pick up. Unfortunately, as our kitchen is currently undergoing maintenance at this time, we will not be able to provide this service at present. However, I have noticed that our neighbours, 10 Acres Bistro and The Courtney Room are currently providing this service. Please find the links below to these two programs, for your information. Both establishments look like they have a variety of great offerings.

Your Management Team are busy preparing plans for a soft opening of the Club at some point, hopefully in the ‘not too distant future’. Listening to Dr Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, it seems that when we do get the green light to open, it will be with physical distancing considerations in place. Given this, we continue to work on plans on how this would look for both members and staff at the Club.

Both the Finance Committee and General Committee continue to meet over and above the regular monthly meetings. It is planned that President Van den Brink will provide an update on behalf of the General Committee at month’s end to be distributed to all Members.

As always, many thanks for your continued support. Please stay safe and I look forward seeing you soon.


David Hammonds,General Manager


Our neighbours at 10 Acres Bistro (611 Courtney Street) have launched a new pickup and delivery service, where you can pre-order groceries, cook-at-home packages, ready-to-eat meals, family-size kit meals and wine!

For full details, please click the link below:


Our neighbours at The Courtney Room (619 Courtney Street) are offering Dinner Boxes to go – meals that are ready for you to cook at home, with cooking instructions included.
For full details, please click on the link below:


The Club is pleased to remind members of “Members Helping Members” where, during this difficult time, many of our at-risk members can obtain assistance with acquiring groceries and/or medication. The strength of community unity is more important than ever!

If you are healthy, able and willing to help, please contact Danielle Scott at with your name, service area, phone number and/or email address.

The first list of member volunteers has been formulated, and has been posted to the Member Central area of the Club’s website (MemberCentral/COVID-19 News/Members Helping Members), in order to maintain privacy. Those needing help can contact any of the volunteers directly to organize assistance. 

We are a family at the Club, and in these times, we need to look out for one another and help where we can. 

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