Congratulations to Oughtred Coffee & Tea

In the land of the bean, Oughtred Coffee & Tea, headquartered in Victoria, and proud coffee supplier to the Union Club, took the Roast Magazine’s top prize for Macro Roaster of the Year – the most prestigious award in the North American coffee industry – with an output of 900,000 pounds of roasted coffee per year.  The award is a first for Western Canada, and only the fourth time a Canadian roaster has taken home the award in 15 years.  Roast Magazine honoured Oughtred for their commitment to sustainable practices, employee wellness, educational practices and involvement in roasting innovations, marketing and business practices.



About Oughtred Coffee & Tea

Founded in 1973, Oughtred has been family-owned and operated (and UC members!) for nearly 45 years. In recent years, with a second generation of Oughtreds at the helm, the company has made remarkable strides in minimizing its environmental impact, ensuring outstanding coffee quality through comprehensive client and staff training programs, working to benefit communities at origin and at home, and sourcing and roasting exceptional coffees. For more information, visit

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