Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) Mess Dinner

On May 4, 2019, the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) will be hosting an important Mess-style dinner, attended by Her Honour, The Honourable Janet Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, to commemorate our regiment’s part in the D Day landing at Juno Beach.  This was Canada’s beach and where Victorians played a part in the impending victory. 

The Canadian Scottish Regiment was originally formed and financed as the Gordon Highlanders in 1913 by a group of Victoria business people.  It was stationed in the then newly built Victoria Armoury which with its large assembly area became the heart of Victoria’s social and cultural life.

Given that the nearest regular army is now located east of the Rockies in Edmonton, Alberta, our citizen soldiers are even more valuable to our community than they were 100 years ago.

The purpose of this special dinner event to be held in the Armoury’s Oficer’s Mess, besides raising funds for our soldiers, is to connect with the business, institutional and cultural segments of our great island community.  We want to get citizens out to see what’s in the ‘old brick fortress’ on Bay Street and meet some of the remarkable members of the regiment who are based there.  Our Officer’s Mess, nationally recognized military museum and pipes and drums performance coupled with a live auction will provide an informative and entertaining evening.

This will be an exciting event of colour, tradition and lively music. It will provide an opportunity to visit the historic Officer’s Mess and perhaps partake of its legendary Scotch collection, as well as, to speak with some of our veterans who have been involved in Afghanistan, other overseas deployments and domestic fire and flood assignments.

To receive more information and an official invitation please email Honourary Colonel Murray Farmer at

Official invitations will be sent via email.  The price is $150 person.

Deas Gu Cath (Ready for the Fray)

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