“I should like to thank the Club and those involved in the most enjoyable special evening last Saturday (‘Enchanted Keys’) - making for a most perfect evening.”

“I enjoy the Club for its charm and grandeur, a quiet place to catch up on the newspapers amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown; or to host a fine dining experience for special occasions - with its fascinating menu and wonderful service.”

“I enjoy many benefits from membership to the Union Club of British Columbia. Within a welcoming and comfortable environment, the Club presents a unique opportunity to connect with leaders from our community. The Club is an ideal venue in which to host customers, family or friends and the ability for Club members to access exclusive dining and accommodation at reciprocal Clubs outside of Victoria, is another more valuable benefits of membership.”

“One of my favourite activities is really the Club’s best kept secret. I am talking about the gym, it is not well-attended so you feel that you have a fully functioning gym all to yourself, not to mention the very well-maintained locker room with shower facilities, and when weather is bad, I really enjoy the steam room!”

“Until recently, I have not yet had the opportunity to utilize the Inn at the Club. For Valentine's Day, my wife and I booked a Harbour View Suite and both found the room exceedingly comfortable and a great value. As both of us live out of town and commute into Victoria for work daily, we will definitely be utilizing the Inn more routinely as an opportunity for an urban getaway”.

“The Union Club was kind enough to accommodate me for 30 days while my home was being renovated. It was such a relief to have someplace clean and safe to stay away from the dust and excuses. As it turned out, my being removed from my house had the unexpected result of contractors finishing earlier because I was no longer in their way! The moral of this story is: if you want your renovations to go smoothly, stay at the Union Club!”

"As President of the Rotary Club of Victoria, I wanted to express my gratitude for the service that our Club has received over the last two years. Anna McHale and David Hammonds have been an integral part of our Club’s planning and execution of our special events. For example, our Christmas luncheon with over a hundred people in the Reading Room and our Valentine’s Ball with dancing, a Band, a DJ, a Silent Auction and a dinner; both proved to be outstanding. The decorations, the set-up and the meals were delicious and everything went so smoothly for each of these events. Anna and David are two individuals who help take all the worry out of hosting such events. Please pass on our sincere appreciation for their time and efforts on behalf of the Rotary Club of Victoria.

As well, each luncheon meeting that we have every Thursday finds that all tables are set, everything is in place, and the serving staff is always polite and accommodating. The luncheons are delicious and beautifully presented.

My partner and I decided to join the Union Club recently, and Atli Crane has been most helpful in assisting us in finding our way around the Club. As well, if I need assistance or information, he is always most obliging.

When I recently met you in person, I mentioned that you must be proud to be President of the Union Club, and I truly meant that statement. We are so pleased to be new members and feel so much at home while at the Union Club, the catering and hospitality are just the best!"

"A comment card isn't big enough for the words of praise!
The Union Club has a real gem hidden within its walls, and specifically in the kitchen. The meals created by our Executive Chef and his team exceed our expectations. We both travel extensively and have eaten at many private clubs and fine dining establishments across Canada and have found that the food in our club is, more often than not, better than food found in other private clubs and easily on par with many highly reviewed restaurants across the country. None of this is surprising considering that our Executive Chef is also a 'Certified Chef de Cuisine'. 

Locally, the word on the street is that the catered food at the UC is considered to be among the best, if not the best, for large events. We have also held catered events at the Union Club and received rave reviews from our attendees. 
Not only is the quality top tier, but the prices on the menu are incredible. Every month when we open our statement, we're surprised at how low it is considering the fact that we're eating beautifully plated, gourmet meals. 
Many thanks to our Executive Chef and his team for their wonder culinary talents! Us Union Club members are fortunate to have you!"

"On behalf of the BC Association of Police Boards Executive and the 2018 Conference Committee, I wish to express our sincere appreciation to the staff at the Union Club for the excellent service and delicious menu provided to us on the during the 2018 BCAPB Conference and AGM banquet on April 6, 2018. 
The Union Club staff treated our group with outstanding service; Kirby was a wonderful host, keeping our program on time and keenly watching over to ensure everything ran perfectly; the menu was wonderful, prepared to perfection; and of course, the Club is a fabulous venue, beautiful, accessible and comfortable.
The commitment of staff at the Union Club to providing the very best experience for your guests contributed significantly to the success of this event."

“Words will not be enough to thank you and your team for the amazing experience we had last Saturday evening.
Everyone was absolutely awestruck by the beauty of the table setting and the room itself but especially the quality of food and service.

My parents were moved by the dedication of Roger and Ella, and we all can’t believe how efficient they were and how they precisely followed our requests regarding “topping up glasses” and not taking away dishes until everyone finished.

Chef did an amazing job on the menu……. everything was top quality (my favourite was the pheasant consommé…….unbelievable!)

We all stayed until the very end and we hope it was not too much of a disturbance to the Union Club.

Thanks again Anna. It really was amazing.”


“Our friends and family had a great time staying at the hotel and an enjoyable evening at the wedding reception. We wanted to thank each one of the staff who made our weekend in Victoria smooth and memorable. The venue was beautiful especially after the renovation and service was great throughout our whole stay. Staff went above and beyond to make sure we have everything needed and accommodated our last-minute request to make everything perfect.”